Tuesday, August 5, 2014

motoPCKET Review:

I installed a set of 3 motoPOCKETS on my BMW 1200 Adventure and headed west from Mississippi to Seattle and back on a 6,000+ mile journey. Installing the pockets couldn't have been easier. The Velcro attachment method works wonderfully and no matter how much I loaded into my pockets, they never sagged or became loose. My two side case pockets acted as storage for my tool kit, oil bottle, air pump and tire changing kit. My top case pocket was mesh and I used it for my large first aid kit as well as daily medications. I enjoyed the mesh pocket because it allowed me to view through to see what I was reaching for. The mesh is very durable and the spacing won't allow the contents to fall out.

While I thankfully didn't need to get into my tools etc in my side case motoPOCKETS, I did find that at the end of my evening, a wonderful feature of the top case motoPOCKET was that I could simply grab the loop handle and pull the entire pocket off it's Velcro attachment and carry it into my hotel to have easy access to everything I needed to heal my boot blister, sore muscles and wash bugs out of my eyes. The next morning, stick it back in place and carry on.
Another great feature I stumbled across was after buying a nice bottle of wine in Napa, I placed it in my side case pocket which acted as a wine hammock perfectly protecting it for that nights post ride wind down.
I highly recommend motoPockets. They are well made and very handy places to store items you need to have on hand but don't want to take space up in the bottom of your cases. An additional bonus I discovered is that you can take these off your bike and since the more coarse part of the Velcro is on the pocket itself, you can reattach it to other soft fabrics. I take my first aid pocket with me when on trips by simply sticking it to the interior of my car trunk or to the back of my car seat. No additional material is needed for this. 

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