Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Two Wheels Good will follow my trip from Jackson, Mississippi to Seattle with a stop in Portland (about (7,200 miles). My ride is a 2007 BMW 1200GS Adventure. If you don't already know me, my name is Perry Launius and you'll get a chance to figure out more about me as the trip goes on. I'll leave July 4th after I get off work and I will return July 20th. In preparation for safety, I've added AAA RV as well as a SPOT GPS tracker. I've also gone through everything mechanical on my motorcycle to ensure that it is in top form for the trip. It wants for nothing and is ready to go. I have installed an "all street" tire (Michelin pilot 4) since I will be running paved roads the entire trip. In addition, Bob Allen has given me a set of his Adventure Pockets to review and if you are interested, use the link below to see what he offers:

I made the choice to stay in hotels rather than camp which makes the trip much more expensive but allows a longer day to ride without the added trouble of setting up and breaking down a tent and ensuring I can get a good nights sleep each night for the next day's ride. 

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