Thursday, July 3, 2014

I leave tomorrow so today is my packing day. My Adventure can carry a lot of gear and I tend to over pack but I am going to try and lean down what I bring to the essentials. Below is a general list of items I'm bringing along. All in all, not that much stuff and only a few luxury items.

2 pair mesh padded bike pants, 2 pair BDU pants, socks & undies, 4 moisture wicking shirts, motorcycle boots and a pair of Keen boots. 2 pair of shorts 2 city shirts, hat, 2 sets of gloves, rain gear, Jetboil stove with coffee (tiny hotel coffee makers don't cut it), soft shell cooler with 2 liter hydration pack, SPOT (as mentioned in previous post), camera and extra lens, iPad, Samsung Chromebook, iPhone, all needed chargers, sunglasses, in ear headphones, paperback book, sunblock, first aid kit (fully stocked), tool kit, toiletry kit, Road ID wrist band, tiny portable fan (I'm used to white noise and wind on me at night), packet with cash, passport, drivers licence, insurance card and debit/credit cards.

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