Friday, July 4, 2014

Deep in the heart of Texas. Or at least near the top. Ha! I only had 283 miles to go today after work. It started out weird with some apprehension and a general feeling of foreboding. Don't know why either because the weather was beautiful and everything felt great and I've never felt like that at the start of a ride. I can only assume it is that this trip is longer with the opportunity for more to go wrong.

I shucked that after about 150 miles and owe it's retreat to a particularly great session of 80's music I was listening to on XM radio. The next thing I know, I was playing air drums and singing in my helmet.

My plan was to find budget motel/hotels with one or two floors in hopes I could park my bike at the front door. Tonight it worked perfectly. I'm six steps from my bike. The hotel isn't a place I'd take the family but it will work fine. Dinner tonight was BBQ from a place down the road complete with Sam Adams lager which I'm finding particularly wonderful right now.

See you guys tomorrow!

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