Monday, July 14, 2014

Hi folks! Today's update is pretty small. We woke and got a late start out to Hood River which is a small town in the Columbia river gorge. For those who don't know, the Columbia river and gorge run west/east and is a deep canyon. The winds along the river are always high and at Hood River, it's a perfect spot for kite boarding. We arrived in perfect time to get to eat lunch at Full Sail Brewery and restaurant. The food here is so fresh and awesome that I can't get en enough.

I can't get pictures up tonight, sorry. It's a bust night and lots to do.

Afterward, we left and headed further east to The Dalles, another city down the river. We shopped a bit there to shop and crossed over into Washington to see the other side of the gorge which is considered the high desert in this area. Dry with exposed rocks, this is much more like Idaho and Wyoming. I head Melissa call out Buffalo! Sure enough, on the rocks in the distant prairie were a small herd of buffalo. Since I am skipping over pictures today, I promise to make another blog update after I get home with nothing but pictures.

So now we are back at my cousin Sam's cooking burgers on the grill and packing the bike up for the long trip back home. Melissa and Regan will stay here for a few days longer to shop and do what two girls in Portland will do.

Tomorrow I will head out on the 6 day journey back home. Since I'm traveling alone, I will have some time to better update the blog. I have a few great days planned so be sure to check back. Thanks for keeping up!

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