Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Got an early start out of Boise. I ran hard in the dark for about an hour before turning off to the west with the sunrise on my back. Within an our I crossed the Oregon border and yelled victoriously in my helmet.

What Since it was 105 last night, I wasn't surprised that the morning already started warm. I started out with my mesh jacket only but something interesting happened. I was in a dry valley running with 79f temps and as I entered a long valley the temps started dropping. I literally watched my dashboard as it dropped over and over in less than five miles to 59f. There was nothing special about this place that I could contribute these dropping temperatures to. I am still scratching my head over that. No picture of this, sorry.

About 30 minutes later I reached an interesting sight. While I've heard different opinions of what shoes hanging from a tree may mean in an urban setting, I have no idea what this means in the middle of nowhere.

Soon after I had a terrible event occur that I fear may contribute to the demise of the rest of my trip. My XM radio antenna died. :( I don't know what to say other that today is the true day the music died, forget that plane crash stuff. I spend some time at a pull over trying to find a solution but nothing worked. Boo!

As I pulled out I began to enter a canyon that was stunning. 

This was an oasis that stretched for miles. I noticed several deer and all of a sudden one came out in front of me. I braked within 30ft which is far too close. I regained my composure and two miles later, I took a curve to find five cows in the road. Brake! As I left the canyon, I topped a hill and found four hippy cross country cyclist ridding four wide with a car coming on the opposite lane. Lock brakes down!!! Crisis averted.

I soon found a site for the Oregon trail. This guy was from Australia and was traveling across the US. I've seen a lot of cross country cyclist since I'm raking back roads. 

When I made the turn at Bend north. I could see Mt Hood. Pretty amazing that you can see it from almost 100 miles away. I am parking the bike for a bit in Portland at my cousins so I feel the end closing in. It reminded me of a time I went horse backing riding and when the horses sensed they were nearing the end of the ride, they sped up. That is me right now. My hood in it's splendor with cars after car of  snow boarders.

2,600 miles of bugs. I rode up to my cousin Sam's house and was happy. 

Melissa and Regan flew up to meet me. We went to the grocery and Sam, the girls and I all cooked an awesome meal. I'm full and happy right now. 

Until tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

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  1. You made it! Looks like a tasty respite ! Surf and Turf with Brussel sprouts and juice! Very nice pictures!