Friday, July 18, 2014

Ok, I slept pretty good after my Tioga Pass ride considering my hotel was about the size of a postage stamp and had no wifi. I could have slept well anywhere though.

I took off south very early before the sun came up so I could get through the hottest part of this ride ASAP. I stopped at the last station to get Gatoraid and a full tank before heading into Death Valley. One thing to now about Death Valley is that it is properly named. It is trying to kill you at all times. Not personaly but it is a fact. There isno moisture here. At all times it is trying to suck any moisture it can get from anything that has it. You don't sweat here, your perspiration is wicked from you like a Coney Island pickpocket. I watched my temperature gauge and for the first time, it crossed into the 5 bar area. I kept my mesh armor on with gloves and everything and the temps never got over 112 due to my leaving early. My feet were killing me. They were burning and I couldn't stop so I kept going. I saw the temps fall to 109 and knew I was coming out of the other side. About 2o minutes later, I saw far off in the distance a man standing in the road alone. As I came closed, I saw there were three ones and a sign. Hecameoverandsaidtherewas a 20 minute wait till I could go on. They were spray coating the road ahead. 20 minutes seemed like andfour in this heat and while I had Gatoraid left,it was the temperature of coffee. No thanks.

I rolled into Williams Az on Route 66 about 5:30. Showered and hit the famous Rod's steak house. Afterwards I took in the sunset with some wine and a nice cigar. I can highly recomend the Lodge on Route 66 and hope to come back here again.

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