Saturday, July 5, 2014

Man what a day! After that early wake up, I slowly packed and hit the road about 5:30. I try and keep away from those 200+ lb critters that prowl at night even if they do make good sausage.

I started out in a much better mind set today thank goodness because I have 629 miles ahead. The morning was cool and refreshing and it didn't warm up till near noon. I stopped to get gas an rest for a few minutes and looked down at my boot and this tarantula was on my boot toe. HA! I didn't have my camera so I had to get up but he didn't take off too fast. He was about 5 inches long.

I've met some great folks along the way so far. Everyone want to come up and talk to me and I suspect that will happen more as my Mississippi tag gets further away from it's home state. I passed these girls up and decided I had to go back to get a picture. Cool yard art.

When I got back on the bike, my boot caught on one of my waterproof bags and I tweaked my knee pretty bad. I already have problems with it and am trying to put off surgery so this twist was bad. Sitting on the bike is ok but walking is no good. I will take meds tonight and ice it after I eat in hopes it improves. 

I was trucking along on my way to Tucumcari, NM. my destination for the night when I passed the infamous Cadillac Ranch. I didn't even realize I'd be going by it. Of course I had to stop!

So, now I am in my room and about to unpack. Today, aside from my knee was an 7. I meant to be rating the days and I'll rate yesterday a 4 in retrospect. Keep in mind that the start and end of this trip is the hard part with it's long hot pavement designed in straight lines. Tomorrow, Colorado awaits!


  1. Hey Perry I hope you have a great trip! I am sorry you tweaked your knee, pain is a major bitch particularly if you are trying to do something! Please be careful and have a lot of fun!

  2. Thanks Mike! 5 years ago, I'd be blowing through this. The honest assessment of my growing limitations is what warranted this trip. I figure it is now or never. Ha!